DIY Bass Hanger

Had a bit of a nightmare today. The strap of my bass got caught around the wheel of my chair and as I pulled myself to my desk my bass came crashing down :angry:

There is a shelf above where I lean my bass against the wall so with a bit of cutting and shaping I made a hanger so my bass is safe, up off the floor.


Looks as if it’s good and safe now, @studio :+1:

Hope no serious damage was done.

Cheers, Joe

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Is she alright?? :grimacing:

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The bass seems fine. It was just one of those things. Good to have somewhere safe to keep it and it is nice having it right by your office chair so I can just spin around and play whenever I like


These things happen. I scratched my otherwise pristine bass the day it arrived :slight_smile:

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It just adds personality


yeah it’s not important. a Precision Bass is a very robust instrument. and everything get scratched when you use it, it’s pretty normal.


Yeah, just see it this way, and you’ll never worry. You’ll just bond to the bass even more, all of the dings and falls and tribulations on your’s and the bass’s journey. Nothing stays brand new forever!