Do any of you use Chordify to learn songs?

Yamaha’s ChordTracker app will tell you the chords in a song for free. It’s not perfect and it’s not bad.

Chord Tracker


Yeah if I wanted something like this I would just use the Yamaha app.


Used to use it quite a lot a while ago, to help just get into the song in question to pick up the chord progressions and then do my own thing.

The more I practice bass though, and the more I’m progressing, the less I use it now. I’m more doing exercises where I’m listening and using my ears to identify what I need and can normally pick most, if not all of it up myself now. Sometimes use a tab guide if it’s really all over the place, but generally I’m happy with picking things up organically.


I use Chordify often. It’s fun to just see the chords and build your own bass lines from it. Personally, I like Chordify.