Do not try to steal from the ABQ guitar center

As a gas station attendant during the 70s gas shortages I was shot at once and had guns pulled on me two other times.

They can have the gas


I was a Dominos driver in high school in the city of Newburgh, NY - not a good place.
I had knives and guns pulled on me, was surrounded by people, trapped in staircases - all for the want of a free shitty pizza, which, they got every single time.
Funny thing is none of these mopes ever bothered to demand the money in my pocket. Blinded by pizza.


I guess when they said. “Give me all your dough!”, they were being specific.


I think I saw two moons shining bright.

Honestly the way it should be dealt.
In some way if it was food people would have more understading I’d like to think.

But still stealing is stealing, taking anothers property, should be dealt with pretty harsh.

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That’s a poetic phrase. I’m not familiar with it. What does it mean?

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It means … Actually no deeper meaning.

Just this.


Oh, you mean the crack of Don. :crazy_face:

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There was one time we were robbed. I was working a shift with Jon. Jon was a little bit crazy, folks said it was from Vietnam but I think he was crazy before he was drafted.

Any this guy pulls up to the pump, I fill tank, go to collect the money, and he pulls out a gun.

Jon was having none of that. He had a 2.5" buck knife on his belt and he pulls it out, ready to throw down with the dude with the gun.

And me standing in between.

Good times


Or not! (good times, that is!)

Bringing a knife to a gun fight usually doesn’t work out too well for the knifee, unless you’re Rambo.

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I used to work at Walmart part-time when I was in high school.
I can’t remember the exact code but they would call out over the intercom that Mr. so and so needs assistance in the so and so department. All available employees were to respond. It was basically an open invitation to go restrain and beat the crap out the shoplifter.

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I think that should be the knifer.

The knifee is often distracted by a stabbing pain.



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And now social media is full of delivery people moaning and groaning that they’re not making enough tips :laughing:

Sounds like Wild West. John Waynes all around.

Retail workers have to put up with enough shit as it is.

I worked retail for several years when I was young, and came to the conclusion that everyone should be required to work at a low-level retail job for at least a year or two. That way, there might not be as many irritating, boorish, unkind, disrespectful, demanding, mean, etc. type customers, as they’d realize what such an employee’s duties were, and what they could NOT do! And, especially that the employee is not responsible for corporate policies.

This would probably not do anything for the type of “customers” out to rob, slash, and burn, though. :astonished: I was fortunate to not have had any experiences with armed robbers back in those days, although we did have shoplifters, some of which were coordinated in teams, enough to quickly take a lot of stock.


I worked part time for nearly rwo years at Bed Bath & Beyond a few years ago and saw the good bad and ugly of shoppers. Most were very polite, but some were downright nasty (especially in the final Christmas shopping days). And of course there were the scammers ànd shoplifters, whom will always exist in our society.