Does anyone have the TalkingBass "Cyborg Bassist" books?

Is it any good?

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Yep, I have worked through them and really like the content. They include a ton of exercises that run the entire range of the neck, like multi-octave scale patterns with alternate fingerings and fret shifting.

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@MikeC - the excercises are tabs-only, right? So no audio files and/or videos?

There are a couple of intro videos that just go over the philosophy of the course. I can sum the video up in one line: practice each thing until you can play it without thinking about it.

But he also says the same thing in the intro areas of the book.


Think of this as a curated set of applied technique exercises as opposed to Mark’s in-depth theory courses.

Mark does brief videos for each module where he describes the content/context for each.

Here’s the table of contents for Cyborg Bassist: Volume 1:

The exercises are meaty and worthwhile for anyone who wants to gain technique skills. The book contains music notation and tab for all exercises.


Want based on title alone. nice marketing.

Mark just released Vol 3 - Triad Mastery and had a 3 pack bundle, so I picked them all up and started working through them. I like the exercises, they are definitely challenging me quite a bit! I can recommend them for sure. Great price for the bundle right now, I’d snag them now if you’re interested.


Volume 3, Arpeggios, looks great. I’m getting it to round out my Volume 1 and 2 set.

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