Does anyone know where to reliably find cheap bass effects online?

I’ve been looking online at effects (physical pedals) retailers but it seems none of them sell more than a few multi effects that go over 150$.


Do you need a multi-effect? What tone do you need? Behringer sells very cheap Boss copy pedals. Plus there are plenty of used multi effect on ebay, reverb and your local classified. Stick with big brand if you can like Boss and Zoom you’d be happier later.


Guitar Center has good used prices and Amazon sells a broad selection of more inexpensive pedals.

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Do you have a Mac @Grunge_Goblin ?

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Ok if you have a PC I could point you in the direction of some free software that includes various effects - flanger, chorus etc.

You’ll need a DAI to connect your bass to your computer.

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If you want physical pedals then Behringer is the king of cheap copy pedals.


I think we still need to establish whether you look for hardware (e.g., pedals) or software (e.g., plug-ins that emulate effects), @Grunge_Goblin ? Which one is it?

EDIT: ah, OK, I see you edited your question to reflect that it is indeed pedals you look for :smile:

Harley-Benton pedals might be what you look for: Effects Archives - Harley Benton


@Barney what is the reason for their lower price? Do they use any cheaper components or the sound quality isn’t on par?

Simply because they’re blatant copies of well known pedals but sold at a much lower price.

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Big fan of Behringer for their clones.

I would like to look into them, so you think they are worth it?

yes 100%

They are usually exact clones


Thank you Howard!

I bought one of these when I thought my Tech 21 Bass FlyRig version 1 was acting up (turns out I had the headphone button engaged which caused noise issues through an amp. 100% Operator error). I found the Dapper Valeton on amazon, a FlyRig copy for less than half of the price of the Tech21 model. I was waiting for the version two of the FlyRig to come out and this was an inexpensive alternative,

Turns out the Valeton blew me away. It had different sounds than the Bass FlyRig, but they wee good, useful sounds. I kept it on my pedalboard even after I found out what I was doing wrong the the BFR 1.

I did replace it when I purchased a Bass FlyRig version 2 mainly because the version 2 had two channels.

I would recommend the Dapper Valeton to anyone.

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If you want to play with loads of different possibilities, I’d suggest a Zoom B1 Four. You can get a second hand one pretty cheap, although a new one isn’t exactly expensive.

I have one that is fun to play around with…that said, I kinda prefer a clean tone at present.

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