Does BassBuzz ever go on sale?

I really want to buy the course and I am sure it is worth every penny but I just don’t have the money right now. I was wondering if the course ever goes on sale throughout the year to help me out?

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Welcome @ChrisoBass

When purchasing the program you do have the option to make monthly payments instead of laying down the full price all at once. Maybe you could swing that?

Good luck!


I’ve never seen it on sale but it’s already a bargain. Monthly payments definitely helped with budgeting.


I signed up last night and the quality of the content is excellent.


It’s easily the best online beginner course.


Welcome aboard. I did monthly payments and best investment in my personal music journey I could have made. I’m going through for a second time, mainly because I didn’t really practice enough after the first time. Even second time through, just as valuable.