Does class preferance influence instrument choice?

I was talking to some online friends yesterday that I hadn’t seen in a while. We were reminiscing about the various MMORPGs we’ve played over the years as well as DnD and such. Naturally, one of the things we talked about was favorite classes to play as. Personally, I always gravitated towards healers as did a couple of the others. Eventually, the topic moved on to other random things and eventually to music. When I mentioned that I play bass, others started talking about instruments they currently play or want to learn.

That’s when I noticed something: every one in the group that played healer class also played bass or wanted to learn bass. Oddly enough, the one that only played DPS played electric guitar. The tank wanted to learn guitar but played drums in high school band.

Granted, it’s a small sampling but I’d be curious to know if the kind of mentality that would cause you to gravitate towards certain roles in group RPGs would also tend to lead you towards certain roles in a band as well.

So let’s hear it: What do you typically play in an MMO/Group RPG and what instrument(s) do you play?


I was expecting a question about this kind of class.



I think this is hilarious and pretty spot-on.
Bassists are supporters, in general.
Bassists and teachers often find each other. Or social workers… them kinds of folk.
Lots of bass players in the non-profit world.


I definitely played healer types in MMOs. I don’t play any currently but there might be something to this!

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I was tank through TBC to WotLK and then healer in Cata. But by far reached the highest level as a tank (Prot Pally for Envy (Eu) during WotLK. ). But truth be told, we all had to have 2 characters of every role ready and be efficient enough to learn fights on all of them. But yeah, the most fun I ever had was charging face-first into big ugly monsters with green and red numbers jumping from the top of my head.

And then I played absolutely awfully holy paladin on our local “Czech” realm:

Ranged DPS here.

Melee DPS, so I guess that rules out the healer theory :rofl:

Or skank tank. Skanking is fun and people get so mad.

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I am currently playing a Rat Sorcerer/Rogue…I guess I should give up bass and become a roadie.

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I always preferred a monk or thief type character but then I do work in a social work type environment, have a degree in acupuncture and health science and another in psychology…



Ha! Healer here too, in fact whenever I’m asked what I’d choose as my superpower it’s always healer.

The last time I created a DnD character I was, I believe, half elf-human, chaotic good, druid. I like the nature-animals-healing stuff.

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No Bards here :rofl:


My last DnD character was a gnome bard named Wolfgang Duck - a chef on the side


Surely any musical Gnome would have to be named Grimble Grumble

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While I still think that bassists are the healers of the band-party…
I just have to say I love that this is a thread.
My people.


I used to play a healer, but then I got an arrow to the knee got fed up with the abuse you get when playing with randos. The healer is always to blame when someone dies, never the dps guy who decided to go all glass cannon. If your team wins: Look at me and my shiny dps numbers!

Nowadays, I tend to more go towards the odd choices, weird weapon setup and such. In Monster Hunter World, I played that weird charge blade.
In Battle Field 2042, my favourite char is Dozer with the shield. I am in the top 1.2 % of melee kills in that game :smiley:

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In retrospect I also play bass like Melee DPS.

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You guys’ geek is indecipherable to me.

And that’s just fine as far as I’m concerned. I definitely don’t speak it, and I never want to know it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




I went from mage pew pew to lightning shammy to heal shammy … to bass player!
No time for MMORPG anymore, life is busy, bass is more fun