Does class preferance influence instrument choice?

I mean just look at Geddy Lee. He’s probably playing it right now.

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:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

It is certain.

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Never really got into the MMORPG genre, just too much work to keep up with. In middle school I did play a silly one called MapleStory and definitely put in more hours than I care to admit. I would always choose a speed/assassin/ranged type character though when I did play those games. Healers were fun but only if you had a group of friends to play with and as others have said there’s nothing worse than everyone blaming YOU for not healing them through their shitty choices :sweat_smile:

I’m mostly into pen and paper RPG. I don’t really have a class preference. However ,I played a bard after we got out of lockdown - and after I had completed B2B :sweat_smile:
But I always tend to go close combat, no matter the class I’m currently playing :crazy_face: