Doobie Brothers' Skylark bassman

Hello all,

I hope that I’m putting this post into the right forum. Quite some time ago, I had run across Skylark’s website and had exchanged a couple of e-mails with him. I told him about my (past) attempt to learn the bass and I also told him about my hobby og ham radio, in which he seemed interested. He mailed(!) a copy of a musical program that he had been involved in and also sent me a couple of his personalized picks!

I recently tried to find his website but was unable to find it. I wanted to tell him that I had once again taken up the bass and about the B2B course from which I am now learning. I know that he’d had a stroke, which was why he was no longer touring with the Doobies. Maybe his health is now such that he no longer has the website? Just guessing. Thanks for any help with this!


I did find the Facebook and Twitter accounts of Tomirae Brown.


Not really any mention of Skylark except for a post of hers in 2012 mentioning Skylark and a stroke.

There hasn’t been a lot of mention of Skylark on Twitter for years and years, now.