Draggin the Line

I’ve been playing bass for two weeks. Started learning Draggin’ the Line (yay! hippie songs!) and I’m having WAY too much fun! This one diesn’t seem to be referenced much, but it has such a fun, simple groove (and it makes me feel like I’m getting just the right amount of finger exercising for a beginner).


Congrats on picking up the bass! Nice playing! You must be a reformed guitar player. :joy:

If you haven’t already, you should really consider signing up for Josh’s killer Beginner to Badass course. It is the very best way to learn proper fundamentals, technique and grooves.


Oh… well:

  1. that’s not me playing. Add some missed notes, some fret buzz, and play about 1/2 speed and THAT is how I play :rofl:
  2. Ive already donated to the Josh 401k Fund :smirk: (no ragrets)

Rolling Stone stuff and ZZ Top are two of the easier groups to learn on.

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