Dream Bass

vig it is. Dunno what came over me, Padron.




On the other hand when it comes to Trudeau, veg would be more appropriate :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t pick up a “dream bass” without playing it first. So like everyone here, I have too many basses. None are expensive, all are respectable… all in about 2.5k… and then on a complete whim I picked up a dinged up Squier p-bass for $100 with old flats and fell in love. Turns out despite two J’s (full and medium scale) a short scale EBMM, a full scale active Schecter and a fun little Mikro PJ… I’m a P-bass guy?! Who knew? Play it. You’ll know on the first song.
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I even like playing it with the ashtray in place - my brain sucks, let your fingers decide whats dreamy.


I have several of my dream basses, and once I get them I start thinking about my next one.
The EBMM HH was a dream bass, and it is fine, but I wouldn’t do cartwheels down the street about it.

The '72 Rick was a dream bass, and it is dreamy.

The German made Hofner was a dream bass, and it is dreamy.

The Fender CS '61 P (like Jamerson had) was a dream bass, and it is dreamy.

My next dreamy dream bass I think is a '75 Fender Jazz, but I don’t want it for a while yet. I have mad envy of @Macs bass grunge on it and all.

Also dreaming of an upright, but no room, will need to wait.

And next year I am sure there will be a different dream one.

Does one rise above all others in the dreaminess camp? The Rick for sure.


Please tell us which one would qualify for this display of physical prowess, and we’ll try to all chip in and get it for you :grin:

We might choose this street for your shenanigans though:


Been there. It’s the amazing Lombard Street in San Francisco. Non-resident traffic has been curtailed there as it was disrupting the daily lives of neighborhood residents.


Lombard street in SF?


SF residents never want to go there so if someone is there, yeah, it’s a tourist :slight_smile:

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I really have 3 dream basses.

FGN Mighty Power Double P. This bass just checks all the boxes. It’s Fender quality, and the twin precision pickups just bring it. I am turning into a Presision man, everything seems to be a P, P-J, or P-P.

My second dream bass is my MDB5. It has a unique vibe to the shape, and a neck profile found on no other instrument. Really I have a tough time practicing with it as I tend to wander off into improvisations with it.

My last dream bass is my Squier CV 60s. I will swap the pickup for an SPB1 to get a more vintage tone out of it, but it’s a $260 bass, perfect in its simplicity.

Honorable mention is my Stream. I still love so much about it; I turning it into a double reverse P. If it sounds as good as I think it will be back on the list.

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At 14 basses in my collection right now (including the unfinished Moolah Bass), I still have a few dream basses, just to add to the collection. I felt that way about the Steinberger. It was a dream bass when I saw Tony Lewis play it in The Outfield’s “My Paradise” video but it’s just ok for me. I still play it but not as often. The basses I really want to add are a Rick and a Stingray, just to say I have them.

Back in the day, I simultaneously owned a 1975 Jazz and a Rickenbacker 4001. I thought they were my dream basses. Both were really great in their own ways, but I sold and/or traded them for much-needed money or another instrument (read: Fender Rhodes, which I adored).

A few years later, I bought a Danelectro Longhorn short scale. Surprisingly great bass. Sounded killer and was easy as pie to play. Somehow, I sold it. Don’t remember where, how or even why. Misspent youth, and all that.

Today, I’ve got four carefully curated basses, with a new addition to the family on a FedEx truck right now(!).

So I’ve got one bona fide dream bass and one on the way. Good times.

UPDATE: Sandberg California II VS Passive has arrived. More to come.


VS I suspect!?!

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Yeah, sorry. Typing quickly while multi-tasking.

I’ve uploaded pics on the Show Us Your Basses thread.

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