Drop Tuning - La Bella DT54

So, I recently discovered D standard tuning and how it fits well with our songs in the church. However, I’m currently using La Bella Low Tension Flats on my Cort Action PJ (putting this here any case it matters?) It just feels sloppy and sometimes the fret buzzes when I play a little harder. Everything is setup/adjusted from the truss rod to the bridge/height.

Now, my question is if I get this La Bella DT54 Drop Tune, will it require any adjustment more than those I’ve mentioned before? Like needing to file the nut if in any case it will be thicker than the previous string?

La Bella’s Drop Tune Series for Electric Bass is specifically designed for standard and various drop key tunings. The stainless steel round wound strings have larger cores that are uniquely constructed to maintain the correct tensions while tuning down.

  • Stainless Steel Round Wound
  • String Gauges: .054, .075, .090, .111
  • Made in the USA with American Wire
  • Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness
    Reference: DT54 Drop Tune Electric Bass – 54-111
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Hail @johnnnnn.b !
Congrats on having a group to play with - church bands are such great places to get in bass time and experience.
Also, glad you found a fun tuning that works well with the ensemble.

To your questions/points:

These would be great strings for a standard tuned bass that you wanted to feel very slick and smooth. If they are already low tension, tuning these down will lead to… well…

Exactly that thing.

You will work toward solving the too-slack string problem if you get larger gauges, and you’re very good to identify the potential problems as well.
You shouldn’t need to adjust anything at the nut or saddle with those gauges, but I don’t know the peculiarity of your bass, and all basses are different in their own weird ways.
Those gauges are very beefy, and will probably feel very stiff at standard D tuning.
It will require a new set up, and will also require that you never tune those strings up to E standard, as the tension you’d put on that poor bass would be brutal.

I think you’re good to go there if the bass you’re putting them on is going to be dedicated to the new tuning and if you have the patience and skills for a new set up.

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Hey! Thanks for the input! I appreciate it a lot.

Those gauges are very beefy, and will probably feel very stiff at standard D tuning.

If that’s the case, I guess I’d go with BEAD tuning instead. That’s what I tried first but yeah the problem was the tension. Would you think that will work? Or I’ll need a 5s string set instead?

Generally any change in strings will require setting up your bass again from truss rod to intonation etc.

Low Tension strings are for folks who want a certain feel or, if you have a vintage bass like a Rickenbacker whose necks are troublesome with higher tensions.

For drop tuning regular string sets are fine, the Drop series labellas are a nice marketing tactic but not necessary if only dropping to D. Any further than ya maybe.

BEAD would require a 5-string set or simply the corresponding B string and some nut work along with the above mentioned setup.

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You could try BEAD with those strings.
They may also be slinky at that low tuning.

But putting a .130 on to your low E string will perhaps need some nut/saddle adjusting. Those low B strings are huge.

If you’re happy buying strings and trying it out this way, that’s great.
If you have a few hundred bucks, buy a 5 string!!
All these signs point to 5 string bass.

Hope it works out!

LaBella Low Tension are also round core, instead of the hex core their DTFs have, so they have a more modern, mid range sound like TIs, which are also round core.

GHS Bass Boomers has a BEAD set you can purchase

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I guess I’d go for D standard tuning for now. I don’t want to go BEAD for a possible nut modification. Any string you guys recommend?