Drop tunings with or without an octave pedal

I just received some tabs from this doom stoner rock site. And Its in a standard C
tuning, most of melody is 10th fret to 14th fret first 3 strings, sounds nice fat.
if you use an octave pedal because you like the effect, Or i am not sure he used one, do the tabs need to be changed? Is this something to be considered?


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Usually when people create TABS for music in a new tuning, you have to approach it in this order.
First - what is the tuning.

  • Tune your bass to that tuning.

Next - play the TAB as it is numbered in the new tuning

Some TAB writers/sites are less reliable than others, but this is the standard way to approach it.

Let me know if that helps!


Play the tab as written. If there are effects that would be separate. Finding out what effects were used on a given piece of music can be really hard. Even on very popular music.


thanks, after I posted I thought i should just try it if its too muddy then tabs off,
also trying to justify getting the mxr bass octive deluxe,
thanks again

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thanks, gonna try if not then get an octave pedal.

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