Drummer to Bass player

Any tips for a long time drummer learning Bass?


No tips here.
Though I’d love to hear about the parts that you feel transfer and make your bass learning easier/better.

I’d imagine that you’ve got the best head start on just knowing rhythm, syncopation and being able to hear and understand the rhythmic song structure of a song.
Let us know how it is!


Thanks for the comment Bud! I’ve been playing for a month and just picked up this awesome deal a few days ago and I’ve been through the first 4 Modules and about to start the 5th now. Rhythm REALLY helps. I’ve been drumming for 35 years. My left hand is a bit sore because I’m using different muscles in my hand, but it feels good. Another helpful thing is doing different things with both hands.


One more thing I forgot to add. I can read music very well, but haven’t read Bass Clef since my very young piano days and discovering the Tabs was amazing. I need to translate to to actual sheet music ASAP though.


I like notation, too, it’s easier for me to read vs a spew of numbers on fast tab passages lol. Don’t let people talk down to you about tabs, either. Tablature is hundreds of years old.

Welcome to the rest of the rhythm section!


You are now the band leader so be prepared. Some of the great bass lines are not necessarily in sync with the bass drums. Most importantly, enjoy the journey.

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