Duran Duran Rio

I never really listened to the bass lines in music before late last year when I started playing bass.
I loved this album as a teenager but Rio came on the radio the other day and I was blown away by how funky the bass line was


Oh for sure, John Taylor was fantastic.


John Taylor has a sweet Ricky in that video! Thanks for sharing


Are we talking about his hair or his music?

Who am I kidding, it’s clearly both!

Most well known bands have a good bass player. They just aren’t always recognized as such. I’m hearing lots of good bass when I re-listen to music I loved awhile ago too.


Yeah, definitely. Since having such a long hiatus from playing the bass and now starting again, I’ve been hearing some bass lines pop out from stuff I’ve been listening to for years. Definitely a sign of learning/noticing something.

So that’s cool, because it means I can go through all my records and try and jam along :slight_smile:


Great bassline for sure, I like how they isolated the bass, but played the song in the background as well. Really good for picking it apart. Great album too, betting the other songs on it have interesting basslines too.

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Man… Listening to the studio version after the bass isolated version and it is CRIMINAL how buried in the mix the bass is…

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Yeah check out Hungry Like The Wolf too. Amazing bassline, buried in the mix :slight_smile:

That’s why I like Planet Earth. Prominent bass gallup chugging with fills. Delicious.

YouTube did me the favor of auto-playing Hungry Like the Wolf next and you are 100% correct

Bringing old threads back to life!

Duran duran fans might find this interesting…

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