Hey, guys. I’m trying to learn this song but the tablature/notation sheet says EADg(note the lowercase g)
Is this a different tuning or is it literally the E Standard and they just forgot to press the shift key on that one?

See below.
Thank you.
tuning question


Ignore it, it’s E standard. I’ve noticed that on other tabs there.


Ah, thats a relief, thank you.
I thought it might have been indicating like “tune it slightly flat” or something.
Glad to hear I don’t have to deal with that.


Might be a weird (or genius) publicity stunt to make people doubt themselves so that they would go ask around in the internet hence spreading their trade mark “lil g” …

I mean most of the marketing is depending on people doubting themselves.


Sometimes guitar is written EADGBe to distinguish the bass and treble E/e strings but since there’s only one “G” string on the bass, it’s a typo or the guitar convention a person is used to.

Some tuners with leds show the G as a g because it looks like a C and the D as a d. I find it confusing too.

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It’s actually the correct notation of that Note.

G is basically the G in the lowest bass Octave. (In standard tuning) For example: E String third Fret.

The G String G is actually written g.

The next g one octave up is g’ next octave g’’ next octave g’’’ and so on.

That rule applies to all other notes too.

That could be the reason it is written that way even tough it’s unusual in Tabs.

It’s basically an absolute notation. Where G g g’ and so one are all different notes. And each one of the means exactly one note.

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