Ear Training course

Hello, I’m new around here. I still need to formally introduce myself on the intro post, but I have a question in the meantime.

I just finished (well, went through, still need to revisit some modules) B2B and in mod 16 Josh was talking about ear training with links/examples. Great stuff, however, I’m looking for something more structure.

I ran across the website musical-u.com - has anyone gone through any of this? It looks as intriguing as bassbuzz did for me when I was shopping around for bass instruction.

If not musical-u.com, has anyone found a course that provides the structure like bassbuzz does.


I take the ear training course at talkingbass . I have taken (and am still taking) many of Mark Smith’s courses and my skill has accelerated tremendously since finishing B2B. Mark is very droll compared to Josh (but who isn’t?), but he’s a darn good teacher. There have been may threads on here in which this is discussed.

Ariane Cap has an ear training course also, and I’m sure it’s very good as she is also an excellent teacher.


I like using the Earmaster app. It has practice you can use for free up to a certain level and also has a very inexpensive guided course.

The approach they use of choosing a song list of songs you already know to identify intervals has worked very well for me.

More info in this thread …


Thanks PamP and Dave!

I appreciate not getting scolded because there are other topics that cover ear training. I did look/search but didn’t see anything specifically about music-u.

Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. Bassbuzz set the bar pretty high for expectations