EBass - violin - chello

Hi there,
I’m currently in module 7 “major scales” and wonder how easy it is to play another major scale as soon as you know the right shapes.

I talked to my youngest daughter today. She is playing violin and chello. I ever thought, that the strings of a chello are the same as on a bass. But it is not “E(at) A(nd) D(rink) G(rapes)” but “A - D - G - C”…

I’m really suprised (in an absolutly positive way) how much knowlegde to be found in an e-bass, that makes playing (life and fun) so much easier. At least compared to the classical string instruments. :thinking:


Welcome @Alex_G !

Yes cello is definitely tuned differently than the bass (electric or double bass), although both instruments read from the bass clef.
Your daughter is very talented if she’s playing both violin and cello.


Oh yes! She and her sister are indeed very talented. Her sister ist playing horn, alto saxophone and transverse flute.

They both play in some huge syphonic youth orchestras.

I’m really proud on both of them! :blush:


But isn’t the tuning of the Cello the other way around, so the C is the lowest note?
C - G - D - A

Those instruments played with a bow are usually tuned in fifths, with exception of the double bass, which is tuned in fourths (Just like the bass guitar).

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Yes, same as the viola but an octave lower… and people will appreciate you way more for playing the cello :wink:

Man, this thread just makes me want to go buy a bottle of limoncello :smiley: