EDEN TN2251 vs TC Electronic BG250-112


I have an option to buy cheaply those two amp combos:
TC Electronic BG250-112

Both are with 12" drivers.
I am looking for clean deep low sound. No option to go for 15" driver.

It will be used for home practice and later on some small gigs.

So does anyone have tested them? Any opinions on them?
Which one is better?

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I think Josh, our fearless bass leader, uses the head and cab combo of the TC. He has said several times that he likes it and I think one of the reasons is that it does not color the tone. Sounds very neutral, which is what I look for in an amp. I will color my own tone using different eq settings and my Zoom B1


I don’t think anyone is going to be able to answer this for you. Too much comes down to personal taste. Both have people that like them and both would be great for practice.

My concern would be more about how big the small gig would be. In general, if your going to be playing Rock and Roll with a drummer, 500+ watts is recommended.

Maybe you could tell us a little more about what kind of music you expect to play?


Rock, Hard Rick, some blueses.
It will be for some small bars, rooms.
I think watage will not be an isue.
I cannot find what is the frequency range of them. I saw on some combos they are 70-5500 Hz, which means that the drivers itself cannot go down below 70Hz or to say cannot reproduce good sound below that.

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That is a good question for @DaveT .

Specifically, is 70 Hz going to be low enough or does it need to go down to 40?

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Fo me - I preffer to have down to 20, but on this price range it is imposible. :slightly_smiling_face:

So if it goes down to 40 it will be good enough.

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I took the EDEN.
From thr shop gave me new lower price and i take it for 280 EUR. It is from 2016 year in the shop.
So better or not it will be the EDEN. :slightly_smiling_face:

TC was 360 EUR.


Thats pretty cheap for an Eden. They build really nice amps. :ok_hand:

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Yeah - by reputation (and my experience with TC) I would go with Eden over TC for sure. But I have never owned one so I only know them by reputation.

I have owned one TC amp and one pedal. The amp was defective on arrival and had to be RMA’d. The pedal was fine, but it was actually a re-housed Behringer that Behringer applied the TC branding to after they bought TC. YMMV with TC of course - but I would consider them Behringer products at this point. Which is not bad necessarily (I love Behringer’s concept), but you need to set expectations around quality control.


I am not overly impressed by TC pedals I’ve had or still have (the Flashback). I keep it as it’s a super versatile delay but there are others that are good. Not sure I’d buy something else from them.

Really disliked the Polytune3.


I love the full size Sub n Up, and if I were to get a delay pedal it would likely be a full sized flashback, but I don’t really see getting a delay, considering is would likely just be for practicing timing, and I can do that in GB if needed.

I might have opted for the Brainwaves over the Sub n Up since you can do about the same and more with it, but I wouldn’t spend for the brainwaves AND have the Sub n up, I don’t use the 2nd down or the up very often, but the brainwaves you can do more stuff with, from what it looks like. I will say it looks interesting at least.