Eden WTX-264 and Ashdown 4x10 cabinet!

GAS has struck again. My local luthier/tech/guitar shop owner has offered me the above amp head and cabinet in pristine condition for $400.00. I think it is a great deal. I actually demo’d my Vintage VJ74 on this very amp when he was asking $600.00 for the amp and it sounds beautiful. (I bought the bass from the same guy and he does my initial set-ups). Do any of you have experience with this particular amp head? If so, thoughts on amp and pricing?


No bad choice @EddieJones. Eden is not bad and if 260 watts do it for you, go for it.

Check the fan noise b4 buying, some Eden got a very noisy fan without temp control. That makes the fan running even at low output levels. Can be an issue…


Yeah, that’s a pretty darn good deal. Since most 410’s go for about US$300 used, it’s like you’re getting that amp head for only a $100. If you decide you want something different/more powerful/whatever later, you could sell the amp and come out with more than you put into it.

Something to keep in mind. 260 watts is for 4 Ohms. With that 8 Ohm cabinet, it will max out at 130 watts. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just something to be aware of.


This is the exact rig. I put a deposit til I can get back this next week. Literally like new. And shakes the ground when open E is played.


Picked up the rig yesterday. Amazingly smooth and noise free. My GK Backline115 always had a buzz no matter what setting I had it on. I had read on different forums that Backline’s were noisy and that was no lie. This amp is the best one I have ever had and should put to rest my amp GAS. However, now to a new bass that is upper end. I am GAS’ing for a Ray of some sort or a standard P-bass. I have a Jazz and a PJ and I think those two would round out what I have.