Electric stand up bass gear

Any electric stand up players here? I have a new NS Designs WAV4 and I’m looking for recommendations on what to play it through. The person I bought it from, who is an accomplished player of bass guitar, acoustic stand up and electric stand up, suggested a powered speaker vs a bass amp for a more natural acoustic sound. Any comments from folks with experience on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


@PamPurrs can help you

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Welcome to the forums, @bhinson44! You might want to check out this thread:

You can play all kinds of songs and genres on the electric upright bass beside the obvious jazz genres. If you like a little funk then check out Lake Street Dive. The bass player there is an exclusive Upright player. I’m working on this song right now


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Welcome to the forum! Lots of us here have or have owned EUB’s including the NS WAV. I’ve actually owned two of them, a red one and a white one. I now play the Yamaha SLB300 and also an acoustic upright.
As others have suggested, check out the “Upright Players, lets hang” thread.


Useless trivia time.

The NS in NS WAV stands for designer Ned Steinberger.
This is the same NS responsible for the original Spector bass design still in production as their NS range, and by extension the Warwick Streamer range.

His father was Jack Steinberger who won the Nobel prize for physics in 1988.


Bass hero…ine of mine for sure. Bridget Kearney.
They were on the same booking agency as the band I was in. But we never got to hang out. Her playing is so damn good. So gutsy and big. She’s a superstar.


That’s so cool you get to tour with them @Gio.

She has a great bass playing style and technique I also love her setup.

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