EMG BQS suitability for Ray4

As the title says I’m wondering if the EMG BQS would be suitable for my Ray4?
Looks pretty similar to the other EMG preamps although the size of the circuit board is a little concerning


There is quite a bit of room in there, I put the 5 pot Glockenklang in that cavity but man that board does look long!
Pull your cover off and get a measurement on that thing and see.
The controls just might end up being laid out wonky (like on mine).
Can’t comment on tone though, that might be a @T_dub question.


I put a BTC on my Ray34Ca with the mmcs pickup and it sounds awesome. Bts control pc board is long while it would fit it may not be in the order you want on the control plate.

Did you just order a pickup? It’s not a big deal but emg preamp really works well with Emg pickups.


I did buy a cheapish Alnico just to have a play about with but in the long run I will be looking at putting something of quality in the Ray4.
Looking at the EMG stuff I do like the no solder connections so they may well be my go to. The issue here is availability but I can wait until one appears.