Epiphone or Hofner?

Hello everyone,
While walking around here in Yokosuka, Japan, I came across a music/guitar store so I looked in the window and there it was: an Epiphone Viola bass sunburst, for sale. Since I am an avid Beatles fan, I got the bug to get a viola style bass for my collection. I researched Epiphone and Hofner and I now seek the wisdom of our bass community on pros, cons and experience with either of the brands or something else. I’m looking at less than $500.00 budget.
I figure if I get the bass and a Beatle wig I’ll be playing like Sir Paul in no time.



If you get the chance to play them, definitely do it. And then go with your ears, heart, and brain. It’s all a matter of personal preference, so only you can really decide.


Hey Jerry, it looks like there’s a used one at Ishibashi Music in Shinjuku for about half that, $240 or so.


Unfortunately I’m tied up this weekend or I’d show you, but the used shops in Ochanomizu are a really good bet for this, and the last time I was there they had new Hofners at Kurosawa’s bass shop there (though lots of shops might have them).

The Hofner Ignition line looks like it is available in many shops for about $500 new. No idea how that line stacks against the Epiphones, though. The ones I saw at Kurosawa were not Ignition when I looked, and were much more expensive, though I am sure they have them too. Ikebe Music in Shibuya has them.


Damn it @howard! Every time you post, I want to move to Japan!


I can recommend it :slight_smile:


I hope I can get that chance. Not sure if my local Guitar Center has them in stock.

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