What equipment do I need to have my amp, bass and speakers tie into my computer?


If you want to use your amp and cabinet, the best option seems to be to record the sound with a microphone connected to a digital audio interface.

Here’s a some info about it :slightly_smiling_face:


May also depend on your amp.
If it has an XLR out you can go into a digital interface (DI) direct as well.

What amp/cab do you have?

You can also go direct from your instrument into a DI.
There are threads here on recording yourself and on various popular DIs, like the FocusRite Scarlet.

If you only want to mic your amp as a path into a way to record, then you can also look for a USB mic and avoid the DI.

From there, you will need some sort of recording software, or DAW.
This can range from Garage Band to Pro Tools depending on what you want to achieve and what you have for hardware (mobile, tablet, PC, MAC).

If you are just getting into this area, just note there are zillions of ways to do this, none of them the right way, generally the way you start building up gear and software becomes one you stick with.

I started with Garage Band on my iPad but moved to PC using Abelton, both using a FocusRite Scarlet DI. (I picked Abelton because a guy who works for me uses it and he knows light years more about it than me, therefore, free tech support any time.

Folks here seem to like Reaper vs. Abelton, but I already bought Abelton so I cannot speak about it. I think its free.

The “Home Recording for Dummies” book is a really good resource if you are just getting into this.

There are also zillions of YouTube videos on all of this, enough to go nuts sorting out.
Like anything, marketers and manufacturers have over complicated the field to allow for flexibility and options :wink:


I just have a rumble 25 amp and bass, im in lines of taking a song and getting rid of the bassline and have me play the bass line, through the computer. If you can understand what im saying.


OK, so, to record, you don’t need your amp at all.
Using a microphone with your amp adds some complexities with background noise, etc.

I would suggest:
A DI like the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 or similar and a DAW like Reaper

Thy this thread…


If you do not want to record yourself, all you need to do is run the (headphone) output of your computer into the AUX input on your amp. That way, you’ll hear the sound of your bass and the backing track from the computer both through your amp.


XLR out is a DI (Direct Injection) There are XLR outs on the back of amps, and on pre-amp / DI pedals, and even straight DI boxes which just provide an XLR out only.
DI can go to the house sound system, so they can put your sound thru the house speakers, or to the soundboard in a studio, or to the DAI in your home studio.

A Focusrite Scarlet is a DAI, Digital Audio Interface.

You can go DI to DAI to computer, or you can go Bass to DAI to computer. I don’t know of any computers that have an XLR interface to go straight into. You can probably go into a mixer with an interface.

All your points are valid, you are just missing a letter.


Do you want something to remove the bass from the song?
Do you have the song with no bass, and you want to use it on your computer and play along with it? Do you also want to record it?

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I want something to remove the bass line line, so I can play the bass line myself while the song plays.


There is a phone App called Transcribe Plus that can do this.
There is also a Software called Transcribe you can buy (not the same as the app) and you can remove the bass thru that.

Or a DAW like Garage band, you can lower the bass frequencies and almost get rid of the bassline, it will certainly be low enough that you will hear your bass instead.

There is no Hardware that I know of that does this.
It is all software.
There are other ones that do a great job, but they are very expensive, theones I listed are pretty reasonably priced

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Another way to remove the bass line from a song can be found at There is a web based tool as well as apps for Iphone and Android.

You can do a limited number of songs for free, or buy a subscription ($40/year) which gives you unlimited use as well as unlocking additional features.

It works quite well (although not always 100%) and I find the subscription well worth the price.


I paid for Transcribe+ just now.
Dang it does an GREAT job, so easy!
$14.99 one and done


One time payment?



Import song, split it up, mute bass, export, easy.

Works very well in general.
If bass is very low and garbled (some old Motown like Heatwave) it’s not so great, but its understandable. Every other song I tried nailed it.


Where did you get Transcribe for that price?

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I think he means transcribe+, an iOS app…


If I understand correctly Transcribe+ is not written by the same people.

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Nope - totally different than Transcribe! (the desktop program)


Sorry, correct, +, iOS app


Yeah, it is totally different then the desktop.
It does not do everything the desktop version does, however.
It is really just for breaking the autio file into several streams.
Melodical instruments

I. think that is what it is, I have not looked at it in a while.
It lets you demo, but only gives you like 30 seconds of a song until you pay for it.

It worked great for how simple it is to use. I don’t recall if you can tweak many settings, or if you just select how you want the track broken up.

Well worth the price, I just don’t have access to set up purchases on my phone right now, I have to reset alot of things and have not found the time.

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