Eric Avery (link fixed)


Cool! Eric Avery is one of my favorite bass players. Thanks for posting this @CoolCat!

Aw man. That was a cool video. I wish it was longer.

I’ve been searching for good bass tabs for Jane’s Addiction songs since before I ever joined BassBuzz.

Since Eric Avery decided to rejoin the band and start making new music, maybe I’ll have better luck.

I went ahead and joined the forum over at to see if that will open any doors.

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Please let us know if you find what you’re looking for. I love that Janes Addiction album Ritual de la Habitual! I’d love to learn some of those songs.

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Me too @Darryl ! I’ll post back with whatever I find out.


Okay, so it’s guitar instead of bass (I play guitar too). That solo…

Just found this…


Been Caught Stealing and Jane Says are out there (and you might be able to find one or two others) but I’m looking for Whores, Ted Just Admit It, and some of the other songs that are less mainstream. I think I’m on a fools errand, but I’ve got to try.

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