Ernie Ball! Great Customer Service!

I ordered some Ernie Ball Cobalt Flats for my Ibanez. Due to my own stupidity, I cut the D string at the G string length (does that make sense). When I installed it, I barely was able to get one wind on the string post and was worried that it would slip although it appears to be stable and holding tune perfectly. However, being the OCD personality that I am, I called Sweetwater to ask if I could order one .65 Cobalt Flat. They told me that EB did not sell them that way. I went one step further and emailed EB just to see if I could buy one. They said “No, you have to go through an authorized dealer”. and that was the way to get one. Then, they just sent an email saying they were going to hook me up, free of charge. That is great customer service since I told them I would pay for my own stupidity. Refreshing to see a big company like that taking care of me on just one string that I messed up. A big thumbs up to EB. Now, I know my dream bass will be coming from them. If they take such care on something as small as a single string, just think how good they will be when I order a new Ball Family Reserve Bongo4 in the next couple of months.


I will say, their willingness to help me out on such a simple, mundane thing has made it to where I will only consider a true EBMM as my dream bass. I am thinking a Bongo 4 in Stealth Black.


I would really recommend trying them in person first.

Warwick’s customer service is probably the best I have ever seen; when I had an issue the wife of the founder responded to me personally. IIRC the founder responded to @Mac. And even despite that, I still wouldn’t buy another one - they aren’t for me, despite being a great company.


they have always been really cool every time i’ve needed them. let us know when you get that bongo

bongoloids :fist:


I will. It may take a month to save the money. I’ve spent a ton on stuff bass related lately. Then again, may get it by mid April


I was just through some EBMM on reverb. I’m ignorant but what is the difference aside from visually with a Stingray, SLO, Stingray Special or Saber. I know some have two pickups and will sound different. Other than that, is there anything remarkably different about them?


It might have broken my heart if they would have sold me some Cobalt rounds in .105 and .85 vs telling me to go bother an authorized dealer, who basically told me “EB only provides us normal slinkies as singles” :unamused:

They make them, they sell a 4-string set with .105 .085 .065 and .045 but the only 5-string set has a .100 and .080

Glad they hooked you up, at least :slight_smile:

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I think the main difference is the neck. @T_dub has posted about this a lot, so he can probably tell you more. Some examples:

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I’ve actually expanded my horizons to include G&L and maybe Carvin. I am also considering having a Keisel built. Decisions, decisions, etc…

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All great instruments you are looking into.
The key, as @howard pointed out in an earlier post is to get out and try as much of these basses as you can, or keep in mind, if you order something, it may not be for you.
That is a good point when ordering an EBMM BFR (Ball Family Reserve), that they really hold value well, considering they are always limited to short runs of 100 or less, or slightly over 100, like 107 or 109, etc…
They almost always hold value.
G&L are great basses, but if they are not for you, then you will want to re-sell it, and it will probably be harder to move a G&L then an EBMM BFR, for what you paid, or close to what you pay for them.

Carvin will almost always be used instruments, which is great, cuz they will go for less then what you are looking into.
The exception is that you can still order a new Carvin from Keisel, as they still have the license for Carvin brand, so if you prefer the Carvin name and logo to the Keisel, you can still get a made to order bass. I am not sure I recommend this, unless you have played Carvin, and know it is for you, because you will pay as much, if not more then EBMM and G&L, and you will likely take at least a 50%, if not more, just walking out the shop door with it.
none of the basses you are thinking about are bad basses, and none of them are bad buys, but you just need to make sure they are the right bass for you.

I am not much of a Fender Fan boy, but I love basses Leo Fender designed.
I love and can enjoy playing most all Stingrays from the SBMM Ray4’s with the Jazz or SLO neck, and Ray34’s and EBMM Stingrays, Both with the larger necks.
I have enjoyed the limited time I have had to test out and play G&L (another Fender brand and design), and am confident that any basses from G&L, in the styles I like would satisfy me.
I can play and enjoy Fender P basses, Jazz basses and Jaguars, and probably others like Dimension, Jazz Masters, etc…, but I knot this because enough Stingrays (and Sterling by EBMM) and Fenders and even G&L have been passed thru my hands that I know.
I recommend getting as many of these brands and styles of basses in your hands prior to ordering.
The exception to me would be a EBMM BFR. not only could it be (if you end up loving it) a dream bass, it is also an investment, that could easily lead you to your dream bass if it is not it.
Hard to say for other basses, even Fender American products that are still kind of stagnant on the market, and still cater to a particular group of Fender die hards.
There is nothing wrong with Fender Die Hards, they are actually good, they know what they want and they go for it. No problems with that.


I actually may have found my dream bass and it is not that expensive. G&L SB-2 on talkbass. I think it is only two years old and does not look to have been played that much. It comes with a G&L case as well. What do you guys think about this one?

I’ve had a similar experience. The A string snapped while I was installing it. I emailed them, they asked for some information and they are sending me a new string. That’s the right way to treat a customer.


Due to my own stupidity, I cut the string short. I would have paid gladly but they said, “No, we will send you one right out.”

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So my takeaway is email Ernie Ball all "Damn, I broke my .105 and .085 Cobalt roundwound, can I buy replacements please because you offer no other f’ing way to get single strings other than Slinkies through retailers?? #AssholeDesign ?


Worked for me


Except in my case I would be lying and don’t reeeeeally care to do that, I’m just making jokes XD

Still, glad you got your string, at least.

I ordered a Fender Jazz from Sweetwater many moons ago, and what I got was a G&L by mistake. It was very well built.

The Sb-2 has Volume/Volume, and no tone control or EQ. The tone you get is all there is. Not my cup of tea

I think I can use my Boss GT1B to dial in my tone

Then you should be fine. I hear good things about the pickups. And I thought after writing the above post, if I had one I would probably get stacked pots and make it a volume tone/volume tone setup. I particularly like that setup, and it would be perfect here.

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Is this a stupid question? I broke an E-string. I could not find anywhere on line, at least in a limited search, a retailer that sold strings individually. I usually buy via Sweetwater, but they don’t sell singles. Problem is when you get a replacement, you’ve got the other three strings sitting there boxed. And you’re always “behind” one replacement string. There’s no music store near me, which I why I ask.

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