Something is off with the pickups.

I play on a 50 watt Ampeg amp, with the volume at 4, which is a decent volume that doesn’t make the cat deaf. On my other basses, this is sufficient.

Using the same cable, I plug in the ESP, and when I pluck the string, I hear the sound of the string over the amp. If I use a pick, it’s louder, but still not loud.

I changed out the battery and strings. I tried to raise the pickups, but when I loosened the screws they didn’t move.

I have not pulled them out yet.

Any ideas? I am cranking the amp to 7 or 8 to play but that doesn’t seem to be a solution.


Are there springs under the screws? If not, and the foam is compacted or too thin, then this may be a problem, just a lack of adjustability, although that would be a very huge difference just from pickup height.


I haven’t pulled the pickups out yet, but there’s no springiness to them when I loosened them. I didn’t have time to restring it at that moment.

I did send a query to ESP support


Almost every bass I have has had too compressed foam in it when I bought it. Sometimes I add springs but always have a few replacement foam bits around in both p and j. Often I need 1.5 or 2 high to get the pickups in the right spot.

Grab some foam and build it up!

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I don’t think pickups are the problem if the difference is that big. Best to wait from a response from ESP imo.

Bit obvious this one, but it works with boost and cut so I assume you haven’t set all the EQ to full cut?

Screenshot 2021-09-14 at 00.18.33

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Nope, set the EQ to the dente and the volume on full. Good idea though, thanks

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Any difference if you chnge the EQ? max them all?

Could be a problem with the preamp level.

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I don’t think I’ve maxed the preamp yet. Will try that when I get home

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Yeah see if it does anything either way.

Fret the last fret, measure distance from bottom of a string (E is fine) to pickup. What do you get?

it seems like 7 or 8 mm if I am using the right scale, actually looks fine

got quite loud when I boosted. Hmmm maybe I need to boost

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WHOA! that is waaaay too low.
on the E side should come in around the ballpark of 7 or 8/64" or so (with last fret fretted) which is 2.77-3.17mm

raise 'em up buttercup.

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