Ever have one of those days...where everything just sounds bad to your ear?

Today is one of those days where everything I play bothers my ears, sounds horrible, and drives me nuts.
Do others have this?
Not a ‘my technique stinks today’ or ‘can’t get my playing together day’.
Just a day when every single sound made on bass just sounds like crap to your ears?
Pure sounds like dirt kinda day.

I don’t know why this happens.
Sinus issues?
Anyone else have a clue?


I have a lot of those days as well John @John_E
I generally have a day or two of and find that it all comes together again :+1:
Cheers Brian


It happens John, lol. Sometimes I play 2 different notes next to each other but still here the same on the fretless. When it happens, I, either switch to fretted or do something else.


Happens to me a lot. It’s just part of the deal I guess.


I gave up for the night, I did practice a boat load last night, maybe wore out my ears.
Did some general bass maintenance instead.

Trying some La Bella rounds on the Bello bass.
Bellas on Bello, seemed like it should be done.
Will listen to them…tomorrow though.


Whenever I have one of those days, I just put down the bass, turn off the amp, and make brownies.

I eat a lot of brownies…


:joy::joy::joy: @PamPurrs

I get more than my fair share of those days too @John_E .
I blame my mental health :crazy_face::joy: then go on eBay and buy stuff I don’t need that will allegedly make me play better or shop for new strings.

I might try the brownie option I think. It would certainly be cheaper


…I am out of brownies at the moment.


If I feel like that I’ll usually throw my EH canyon delay pedal on and goof around in the world of U2/Edge like reverb.

Super long repeats and tails. Just lost in my own little world. For what it’s worth :sunglasses:


What a great idea!

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Exactly. When I’m having one of those days I turn on my envelope filter and leave it on no matter what song/style I’m playing. Everything is more fun when your bass quacks.


Thankfully this passed and the last two days things sound good again, phew.

Every day. Or, alternately, I just suck. :smiley:

But no, seriously, some days I’m just not fretting right, or the tone is off, or whatever. It just happens, I think.

Good idea. Probably better than my solution…

Yo @John_E ,
Did happen not to long ago. So I turned all my tuning keys a half of a rotation and worked the major scale starting on the 12th fret E String completely out of tune. After noodling around the E and A String major scale, only focusing on the left hand placement along the fretboard, for about 15-20 minutes at most.

Then, tuned the bass again and felt like a rock star. That is the reason why I have a Black Sharpie near my amp at all times because sometimes you just gotta sign some autographs when its that good.

Be Well Brother,