Exercises and Etudes

Can anyone recommend some good books of exercises and etudes, suitable for someone who just finished the course?

I’m already considering Bass Hanon. Has anyone tried this and found it useful?


I have not, but got a couple other Finger Excercises / Fretboard Workout and memorization books, then fount that most everything in those books is online or on YT for free, so I returned them.

I actually did a bunch of it from the book, prior to aanything else, but then I found YT and eventually @JoshFossgreen and BassBuzz, plus most of the excercises I was already doing. After a cpl months of not touching either book, and finding out they could still be returned, and they were in brand new condition, I returned them.

It is nice to have it all in one place, but It will get dull and boring, plus once you learn the excercises, the book will just sit.

You can get it and see if it’s for you, and if you don’t like it, or find all the stuff is the same as what you see on YT, you can return it like I did.


@AlexM did you buy Bass Hanon in the end? If yes, how was it?

Any other recommendations from anyone? I’m looking for etudes written specifically for bass. (Meaning: finger exercises disguised as short pieces of music.) Sort of like the Czerny etudes for piano.

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@akos Yes, I bought the book, but I haven’t really gotten into it yet.

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