Extended Techniques, Free Improv, etc

This may prove to be an unpopular thread :slight_smile: but I’m curious if anyone else is interested in free improvisation, free jazz, extended techniques, sound art, etc. performed on electric bass?

I’m just a few weeks into studying bass, but coming from a few years of playing improvised/experimental electronic music, non-traditional techniques are just as interesting to me as learning cool basslines in a band setting!

Here’s some solo artists I’ve found working in these styles.

Farida Amadou - (noise/drone/textures/feedback)

Maxime Petit - (tonal/melodic/dynamic improv)

Feel free to share recordings/artists/tips/etc!


Yes, maybe this is not going to win the popularity contest here… but, if that is the type of music you are interested in and want to pursue, you should not let popularity deter you :smile:

For me, this is the kind of music that is potentially much, much more fun to play/perform than have to listen to.

This might come from the fact that I don’t “understand” this type of music, its framework, its intentions, its rules… but, I know, it is just not moving me or making me want to hear/experience more of it.

In my younger days, my best music buddy and I did some “side-projects” (besides playing in a band), where we could explore musically whatever we liked. Some tunes were straightforward, and just clumsily recorded because we didn’t have much time to rehearse. But others were purely improvised on the spot involving “instruments” such as plastic tubes and metal rods etc. However, all this was strictly always intended for an audience of exactly two (we never wanted to “force” it onto others :smile:)

Anyway, explore away and use your experience from before, but I guess it will be a safe bet that you will not find a huge audience for this type of music (here).


I very much like things like the Farida Amadou example. I love the sound design that goes in to artistic soundscapes like this. It’s got its place in music as well.