Extra curricula bass activities

Hi :wave: just wondered where else you guys go to pick up some bass skills are there any other sites that gel well with b2b ?
I’ve been playing along to some stuff just banging out root notes , also there’s another site I visit that is geared for guitar but has a free bass guitar “band experience “ (not sure if I can name it or not ? ) where you learn 21 songs and play along with a covers band .
I just started module 3 and missed the start of the 50 song challenge but might give brick in the wall a go


Check out this thread…there are some others too.

But, the overwhelming majority use Talkingbass courses (Chord Tones is a great place to start, I did this) and Ari Cap’s books as well (I used her first book while doing chord tones).

The 50 song challenge is also a great place to go and feel accomplished, don’t worry about being behind, there is no behind, anyone can join anytime.


Thanks John I’ll have a look , is there talk of josh making a follow up course ?


Lots of talk about it, but it’s unlikely to ever happen.


I think he found his niche and executed it perfectly.
i would drop the mic and walk away too, haha.


I think it’s more of he is focusing on youtube at the moment, which is probably a smart choice.


I also doubt that there will be a B2B part 2.

There are a lot of things to consider and I think for a “Beginner 2 Badass” one can make a “one fits all” course. As was often said in other threads, not only feel people more confident after finishing the course, they (me included) also use it as a reference.
It’s a very good basis to have but from there the improvement is more individual in my opinion. The only thing that makes sense in my mind is something module based. Want to learn about chords? Get the chords module. Want to improve slap? Get the slap module. Want to go deeper into music theory and composing? Get that module.

And there are already services/courses/even masterclasses online that fulfill that need.

In fact I think it would be a bad move for bassbuzz to do a sequel to B2B. Now it’s neat and you don’t get overwhelmed, you don’t have to make choices. You start at lesson 1 and you learn.
If you are already overwhelmed by everything before even watching the first lesson it becomes a barrier. That’s what I noticed for myself in other portals… The question “What do I start with?” wasn’t easy to answer and often a hindrance to start at all.

That said, there’s of course the BassBuzz YouTube Video Guide with BassBuzz tips and tricks that relate to the lessons.
And also Joshs private youtube channel which has tons of extracurricular bass activities. Warning though: You have to bite-size yourself. Joshs private yt is a lot quicker and in my opinion expects a level from you that’s a bit higher than a recent B2B graduate.


Thanks for the replies , i just looked at Josh’s YouTube there’s some good stuff on there .
As for intermediate module based stuff it looks like talking bass has that covered. - enough to keep me busy for the foreseeable, thanks guys :+1: