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Electronics, tone comparisons, DIY Stuff
-EMC Shielding a P-Bass
-Squier Affinity Precision Bass Original Pickups vs Tonerider
-Squier Affinity Precision Bass Tuner Peg Loose
-Cort Artisan A4 American Standard Jazz Bass Pickup Mod
-Dead note on E string
-Recording to Smartphone with backing track
-Zoom H5 local recording vs Hero 3 Video Embeded Audio

Practice pieces (RAW Unfinished Content)
-First Run with Billie Jean
-One month later on Billie Jean
-Playing Billie Jean with accent on thirds
-Can’t Stop - RHCP - Testing Slap on Nylonwounds
-Born to be wild - Stepphenwolf

Outdoor Mobile Recording
-Improvising with my son
-Improvising by the bridge
-Improvising by the waterfall

Indoor Mobile Recording
-Audio Interface Test
-Zoom H5 + Gopro Hero3 Sound Test
-So What - Live Jazz Jam Session

Self Created Riffs
-Mumble Raggea
-Pumping it Through

Full Song Covers
-I Feel Good - James Brown
-Californication - RHCP
-Whiskey in the Jar - Metallica
-Paranoid - Black Sabbath
-Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

Band Rehersals
-A view of our practice studio
-Nothing Else Matters - Recorded on phone
-Nothing Else Matters - Recorded on Zoom H5
-Born to Be Wild - Sound on Zoom H5 Video on Gopro Hero3 Silver
-Nothing Else Matters - Video Recording
-Hysteria - Muse
-Autumn Leaves - Jazz Session