Fake josh fosgreen on youtube?

After commenting on your last video I received this message.
Is this real or someone is scamming your viewers?


This same scam seems to be happening to channels of other online teachers. Rich Brown mentioned it in one of his recent vids too


That happens on nearly every channel.
Just some bots trying to lure in people for scamming…


@JoshFossgreen , see above post

About once a month @John_E I get someone commenting on one of my YT covers saying they’re from a talent agency/record company and want to book me. Lols
I’m pretty sure my half assed Johnny Cash cover isn’t getting any A&R guy (do they still exsit?) excited.

PT Barnum had it right.


Never respond to that text, when you say is this for real they get the idea that you’re on to them

Mark at Talking Bass got hit by this a couple of weeks ago as well. It is an obvious scam given the incorrect handle plus the content \ text is just so not Josh (or Mark or Rich).

“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet” - Abraham Lincoln


They even hit me up on Camping With Steve’s channel on a video where he talked about his wife dying suddenly -_-

Maybe it is Josh’s GAS guy at work :eyes:

If it’s not a Telegram scam, it’s a XXX site trying to pull traffic…

It’s INSANE that YouTube doesn’t do more about these accounts. There are users who have taken matters into their own hands since YT seems to do jack squat about it. Some have deployed bots to mass report the spam comments, but it’s silly that average folks have had to take action while YT does nothing…

MKBHD has a good video on the topic. YouTube Needs to Fix This - YouTube

Hey all! Yes this is 100% a scam, BassBuzz is not on Telegram, you have not won anything except my undying appreciation. Working on a way to get rid of this spam/scam problem since the folks at YT are apparently busy with their yacht parties.

And yeah, this is a huge problem hitting tons of channels. Bigger channels get hundreds or thousands of these daily.

This guy might have solved it, gonna give this a crack:

In the meantime - you can ALWAYS tell if this is a scam because legit comments from the actual video creator will be highlight and have a verified checkmark by the name. If I’m ever gonna change the official channel username to “telegram me lol I’m Bassbuzz gimme money” I’ll let you all know in advance. :crazy_face:


The Tech YouTuber community seems to stand by ThioJoe’s app so it may be worth a go. :smiley:


This happened to me yesterday on your latest video,wasnt sure if it was legit or not but after seeing this,just reported it as spam.


Have used it several times now and it’s amazing! Just need to get it running automated on a server and should be good to go.

Thank you, glad you caught it before you started mailing gift cards to Calcutta! :stuck_out_tongue: