Fantastic bass present

I there,

I need to tell you this story. My son plays in a band with his teenager friends. They play blues (60s 70s cover), usually at small venues (under 40 people). They wanted to try bigger, so I organized a concert in a bar just next to their school (where I work as a teatcher), did the advertising pushing like hell.

To guarantee at least an attendance of 20 people I placed it the very day of my birthday and invited 20 people (mostly teachers) to have few drinks.

I think in the end there was around 150 people : lots of students , more teachers, parents … well a big part of our community.

And as a present and thank you … they asked to come on stage for the bis !
First gig having started bass in January !

Happy bass day


Happy Birthday!
That all sounds really cool.
:sunglasses: :+1: