FAQ - 50 Songs 100 Week Challenge

Hey y’all,
I’ve compiled a few of the most frequently asked questions and answers from the other threads. I will update these if need be.

What’s the idea behind this challenge? How is it organized?
We try to learn the 50 first songs in the course extras in 100 weeks. Check out this thread for all the info you need, the evolution of the idea, general discussion, questions and feedback: 50 First Songs 100 Week Challenge [Wave 1: Starting 8-Mar]

Can I join later?

Of course! Just pick any song that’s already up or join at where we are at the moment. Or start at the beginning and be the next wave.

Why didn’t we have threads for all 50 songs at once? Why do we have them now?

The original idea was to go through the challenge together. Threads for songs used to be open one week ahead of the date specified in the schedule, so there would be enough time for everybody to work at their own speed. Threads will not be closed, so you can join in at any time after that. After getting into the more difficult songs and because managing the schedule is actually quite a big ongoing task, @JT kindly created threads for all the songs, so everybody is more flexible now. We will see how the challenge evolves further but I’m assuming that many will more or less stick to the original order and schedule.

Do I have to learn every song?

No. Just pick and choose whatever you like. Feel free to skip some or go back to earlier songs. Or dedicate the next two years of your life to this.

Do I have to be at a certain skill level with my bass playing to participate?

No. We started with the easier songs. If it takes you longer to learn a song, don’t be shy to post your recordings or questions whenever you feel ready. Imperfections and mistakes are very welcome and part of the process!
If you’ve just picked up your bass for the first time yesterday, this might get a bit frustrating though. Consider completing some of the B2B course modules first and join in later.

Do I have to be a B2B course member to participate?

Everyone is welcome. We do use the tab provided by Josh in the course extras as a default though. Feel free to use other tab (but be aware that it might not be accurate). Some of these songs are covered in the B2B course, so you should really consider signing up. :wink:

Could you publish the tab on the song threads?

Due to copyright issues, we will not publish complete tabs on the threads.

Do I have to post a cover of the entire song? Do I have to post a recording of myself at all?

No. Just do whatever feels achievable to you, even if it’s just a fragment or nothing at all. Audio, video, live performances or a simple „Yeah! I did it!“ are all good to be part of this.

Does my recording need to be really good with a proper backing track and all?

No. Anything goes. Backing track or just the bass, all is fine. You don’t have to set up a recording studio to participate in this. Just press record on your phone.

How do I record myself? How do I synchronise audio and video? Where can I upload my recordings?

Check out these threads and search the forum to find answers to general gear and technical questions:
Where to upload bass covers?
Recording Hardware “Beginner” Setup
“remove” the bass line from a track

And watch this fantastic tutorial:

How can I print the tab from Noteflight? Where can I find a backing track?

There is no direct way to print the tab, but it’s possible with a bit of fiddling around. Join our channel on the B2B Discord server to access all kinds of useful resources and some informal and less public chat.

Is this a competition? Will I be rated for my performance?


For some, there might be a tiny degree of friendly competitiveness to get motivated and learn as many of these songs as possible but that’s totally up to you. People on this forum are generally known for being the nicest and most encouraging bass players on the entire internet (that’s a fact), so there will be a lot of applause and good advice.

Have fun!

Edited Sep 12, 2021 to reflect new developments.


This is a great FAQ. Thanks for your effort on this.


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Thanks @Regina! Good idea and a great job!


Thanks @Regina, I was thinking this challenge could use an FAQ, thanks for putting in the time and effort!