Fat Mike plays his favorite riffs

Fat Mike of Nofx and his favorite riffs. And offers some advice


Now this is the level of picking and muting I aspire to.

Yeah, I’ve been thinking about taking my Ibby and restarting the course with a pick, and just really learning my bass. This may push me over the edge.

Cool video, but I personally really don’t like that the pick noise is more prominent than the bass sound. I think they could have had a better result if they muted his mic and used a DI while he was playing. Then again, some people love the pick noise and find it more authentic. Each to their own. :slight_smile:

I love Fat Mike. The most surprising thing to me in this video was how thin his pick is. I don’t use a pick often, but when I do I like thicker ones better for both feel and tone. Maybe it is a “to each their own” sort of thing, but it makes me wonder if I should try to put more time in with a thin one…

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Yeah the thinnest bass pick I use is 0.88mm and that only works because it is Ultex. The thinnest Tortex I use is 1.0mm.

+1 to Fat Mike. I’ve been using a .60mm pick to learn how to pick on bass, with intentions to graduate to thicker picks once I get it down. But .60mm seems like it’s great when you need to play really fast.

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