Fav time to play?

Anyone noticing that you have a favorite time of day/night to play/practice? I seem to get the urge around 2-3pm …its a nice break to my workday. Then I also have to do a session around 9pm-ish. Last question…what do you do after you finish Beginner to Badass to get rid of the Josh withdrawals? LoL… honestly i miss the lessons… @JoshFossgreen


Many BassBuzzers, if not most, take the course all over again. Especially for those who went through it quickly, there are myriad nuggets of nuance and wisdom to be had a second time through.


I’ve been thinking about doing this for fun, actually. It’s been four years now, good time to revisit.


My favorite time to play bass is in the morning. I feel like I play better at that time. I’m definitely a morning person. However, I’ll still try to practice later in the day if I don’t get a chance to in the morning.

I have already completed the B2B course twice. The first time as an absolute beginner on my fretted Jazz Bass. I repeated the course on the Fretless Jazz Bass I bought myself for a graduation present. Repeating the course was a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. Since then I have tried some other courses through True Fire and Fender Play, but none of them come close to the joy I experienced on B2B with @JoshFossgreen
I usually start my practice sessions by choosing one of the lessons or songs from B2B as a good warmup and to keep me from missing it too much.


I’m seriously considering doing it again but using a pick.
My pick playing sucks big time


Early Am in Summer and Fall, is the best time for me but usually not possible with kids. Winter pretty much any time. I like to play in the morning and practice in the afternoon or evening.


I used to do my lessons around 10 or 11 at night. Had to put bass on hiatus for a while, and now I try to practice before the start of my work day, while I still have energy and attention lol

I don’t think those withdrawals ever really go away. Best just to go through the lessons again. I like @Mac ’s idea to redo them with a pick.