Favorite Chic/Bernard Edwards bass lines?

I just heard this song in a Trader Joe’s and was thinking “DAMN that is some awesome disco playing.” I didn’t recognize the artist until I looked it up later, and of course it was Bernard Edwards, one of the kings of disco bass.

That picking technique he’s doing with his index fingernail is so freaking cool. I need to explore that more, it seems to get a different tone than the way I tend to strum.

Anybody else a Bernard Edwards fan? Share your favs please!


Oh man. I love Nile and Bernard. Truly a combo of writing and production that just makes me feel good. Check out the Diana Ross album Diana. Upside Down comes to mind. Nile produces LOTS of people and Bernard goes along or his style is present.

A note on that album to check out: she wasn’t wild about the way Nile mixed it and remixed it herself for release. So try to find the original mixes in YouTube. The sound comes through in either but you can hear a difference. Bernard is amazing. Makes you want to move.


The one you posted plus Good Times.

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Cool, listening now! (dunno which mix this is)

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One of the reasons I grew up to love Bass, Good Times:

Sampled ad nauseam :smile: most notorious maybe being Rappers Delight by The Sugarhill Gang:

Bernard/Nile… for me one of the slickest writers/producer combos… “Random Access Memories” by Daft Punk has Niles onboard, and it shows definitely in the sound… Nathan East vibe on “Get Lucky” or “Loose Yourself To Dance” remembers me to that cool, disco/funk “sound” with that characteristic, Niles “signature” intertwining guitar/bass groove.

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His last live Good Times performance:

R.I.P. Bernard Edwards

I think the course already made me progress… :smile: I wouldn’t have ever noticed before how he “damp” strings resonance on the fretboard to get that deep and fat, but defined, even sharp tone!?

Another cool bass line that “evolved” from Good Times, “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen:

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