Favorite metronome exercises? (SO much fun, I know)


We all love our metronomes, don’t we? That incessant, robotic clicking sound that tells you “Hey, you made a mistake. Hey, another one. Try to keep up, puny human.”

Okay, it’s not really that bad. Being able to play in time with a metronome is a really useful skill, and beyond that there are tons of ways you can use metronomes to test your ability to keep time, subdivide, and otherwise be groovy and awesome.

One of my favorites, which is pretty crucial for practicing jazz with a metronome - learning to play to a half note click on the backbeat. I.E. if you want to play a swing tune at 160BPM, you set the metronome to 80BPM, and then force yourself to imagine it on beats 2 and 4.

If you don’t yet have this skill, it will feel brutally hard not to hear the metronome as beats 1 and 3. One trick you can use a crutch (meaning you need to wean yourself off of it) is to start the groove in your head before the metronome starts, and then click it on on your perceived beat 2 - that’ll give you a training-wheel style push off the ground for a while… before you inevitably crash into the shrubs. But that’s fine! Eventually it’ll feel natural, and you can even switch the metronome (in your head) from backbeats to “frontbeats” (that’s a term I just made up) by adding or subtracting a beat from a measure.

What else y’all got? I’ve got some other weird ones up my sleeve too if anyone’s curious. :slight_smile:


Weird ones, please!!

Also - two thumbs up on the 2-and-4-metronome counting. Molto importante.