Favorite piece of gear you bought in 2018?

Who bought something fun this year?

It’s a tough call for me… lots of new toys in the house. I think I have to go with the Moog MF101 Low Pass Filter. I’m getting such nasty synth sounds out of analog octave → drive → Moog LPF (with an expression pedal on the cutoff frequency).


Buttttttt also I finally bought a Noble DI, cementing my position in the Tim Lefebvre fan club. It hasn’t arrived yet though it hasn’t had the chance to acquire favorite status yet.

What about you?

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My bass does have an on board low pass filter and I agree you can obtain great tones out of it.

On my side, it was a pre amp pedal from Southampton: Ictineo

Combined with the low pass filter on the bass I have been able to really tailor my own tone(s?). It also help getting a clearer sound in some frequency range.

Southampton Ictineo


There’s an LPF on your bass??? What kind of bass is it?

edit - I see it’s the ACG bass pictured in your post here - Show Us Your Basses - #173 by Martin

That’s so cool! Can you get cool filter sweep sounds by rolling the knob while you play?

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Yes, you get nice sweep sounds. I am still learning the ACG DFM preamp. So many possibilities.
I was looking to offer myself a gift for my 40’s, and hesitated between Warwick, ACG and Wal. I went for the ACG because of the uniqueness of each instrument.

Looking at the short bass lines you play before every video, I am sure you would get the maximum of that bass! :wink:


I bought a Millinium Peavey bass !( Blue one ) I was intrigued by how Mr . Fossgreen plays a Peavey and I can concur . These basses are great ! It’ll play everything my Flea Bass and Fender Jazz can and more ! Plus the price and quality . Peavey is my new favorite.