Favorite piece of gear you bought in 2018?


Who bought something fun this year?

It’s a tough call for me… lots of new toys in the house. I think I have to go with the Moog MF101 Low Pass Filter. I’m getting such nasty synth sounds out of analog octave -> drive -> Moog LPF (with an expression pedal on the cutoff frequency).

Buttttttt also I finally bought a Noble DI, cementing my position in the Tim Lefebvre fan club. It hasn’t arrived yet though it hasn’t had the chance to acquire favorite status yet.

What about you?


My bass does have an on board low pass filter and I agree you can obtain great tones out of it.

On my side, it was a pre amp pedal from Southampton: Ictineo

Combined with the low pass filter on the bass I have been able to really tailor my own tone(s?). It also help getting a clearer sound in some frequency range.

Southampton Ictineo


There’s an LPF on your bass??? What kind of bass is it?

edit - I see it’s the ACG bass pictured in your post here - Show Us Your Basses

That’s so cool! Can you get cool filter sweep sounds by rolling the knob while you play?


Yes, you get nice sweep sounds. I am still learning the ACG DFM preamp. So many possibilities.
I was looking to offer myself a gift for my 40’s, and hesitated between Warwick, ACG and Wal. I went for the ACG because of the uniqueness of each instrument.

Looking at the short bass lines you play before every video, I am sure you would get the maximum of that bass! :wink:


I bought a Millinium Peavey bass !( Blue one ) I was intrigued by how Mr . Fossgreen plays a Peavey and I can concur . These basses are great ! It’ll play everything my Flea Bass and Fender Jazz can and more ! Plus the price and quality . Peavey is my new favorite.