Favorite tremolo pedal for "chopping"?

I just bought a Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas tremolo, which is awesome, and does so much cool stuff. Even has a tap tempo switch in the size of a single stompbox, which I haven’t seen anywhere else.

The one thing I’m missing is a “width” control that lets you control how wide the gaps are between chops. I feel like this would really help customize the kind of ‘helicopter’ synth chop sounds I’m wanting to explore.

Does anyone know something that:

  • Chops like crazy
  • Has a width control
  • Has a tap tempo

To be clear, this isn’t a critique of the Gravitas, it does so much other stuff that I’ve never seen on any other tremolo. I’m just realizing it might not be the ideal pedal for this specific chopped-synth effect.


No ideas here, sir.
Sounds like you are deep in the land of Moog and straight up synths… ? Also - if you could record the chopped synth sound that your tremelo CAN make, I - for one - would be stoked to hear it.


I think I recorded a bit in my pedalboard tour video that I posted on YT recently -

Chopping stuff is at 8:50. :slight_smile:

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That sounds… pretty perfect. I know the sound you’re after - but dang, dude. That is super cool.
Nice pedal dialing-in.


:laughing: We have spambots now resurrecting random old threads! Keeping the forums interesting, lol.


I would have deleted it if I was a moderator, but I did flag it as soon as it popped up.

I hate spam :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Haha, every now and then one slips through… at least this one made me giggle since it was linking to a “wood chopping” website, which as far as I can tell is not tremolo pedal related…