Favoured fret?


I’ve been doing some stuff with “Bottomfeeder” on his website -here - http://pedalinabass.org/
The question came up, do I have a favourite part of the neck I like to play more than elsewhere? And I do! I gave it some thought, then picked up my bass and started as I would normally, and I definitely do favour a particular area/key. So, what about you?


Nice, hadn’t seen all the updates on @bottomfeeder’s website!

I think it depends on the bass for me… on my P bass, I love hanging out on the low notes, and even using the lower frets of the G string, cuz every fret sound fat and great on that bass (thanks to big heavy flatwounds).

On my Cirrus, I love being all over the place. Feels great on the bottom end, and kicks ass on the top half of the neck thanks to the cutaway starting at the end of the 24th fret, and just having a nice slim neck in general. Sigh… I have such a crush on that bass.


Just don’t take the Lou Reed option and drill a hole in the back!