Fazley Kubo 10 a good amp?


I want to buy a bass just to learn the instrument at home (no gigs, jam sessions or performances). I came across the Fazley Kubo 10 as cheap amp. Does anyone know whether this is a good amp for my needs?

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10W is way too weak to use with bass, regardless of what the suits in marketing will say. Combine that with a tiny speaker and it won’t even be able to produce a good portion of the frequencies that bass guitars make. I’d look for something in the 40W & 10 inch speaker range.

There are other options, however. I bought the Vox amPlug 2 Bass Headphone Amp that Josh recommended in one of his videos and it is fantastic. With a decent pair of headphones (not buds) it is just as good as my Fender Rumble.


10 watt is good enough for home practice IMO. It really depends on your home situation. I could never play on my Ampeg stack without upsetting the neighbours, these days I just play silently on my Spark mini amp.

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Hi Jonah!

If it’s a price issue, then get what you can get because playing is better than not playing.

If you have a bit more money, you can get something that will work a lot better. For instance, Guitar Center has a used Fender Rumble 40 for $120 and a great return policy if there are any problems.

If your willing to play with headphones you can go a lot less.


Seriously, do what Eric suggests or just look for a used Fender Rumble 25. You can get them around $100 or less easy. Especially:

Depending on headphone amp this can actually be a better sounding experience than many bass amps, but some people prefer practice amps, even small ones.


This is another guitar amp, @Jonah1265. You need to get a specific bass amplifier. :muscle:

It’s a bass amp right? That’s what the box says I believe…

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I hear ya, I go for bargains where I can.

I had one of these: https://www.amazon.com/JOYO-Amplifier-Portable-Different-Instruments/dp/B07RXYC3YM/
From the short video I saw on Fazley Kubo Bass 10, it may be a little better, but there’s only so far you can go with 10W. I did find an old used 30W Fender Rumble 30 at GC for around the same price, and there is a huge difference in terms of the tones you can produce.

My bad, I just googled Fazley Kubo 10 - without the “Bass” part. In my defence, you didn’t specify that. :wink:

If it has to be under $100, you need to get lucky and buy used. Look for a 1x 10" speaker and 30 or 40 Watts, for example like this.

The small speakers in this price range, especially if you buy new, are not really fun because they lack the fundamentals. The Joyo MA 10-B is fun to carry to the park and so on, so maybe you can start on that and buy something bigger later.

Pricier amps with small speakers can do the job, but I have yet to find one under $300.