Fear of the 5th string! The Ibanez EHB1005SMS

All it takes is practice. For me, I was so used to thinking of bass notes from E to the g, top down, and through in a B string and the top changes. Takes a bit to adjust your reference.

To me an easy way is just to move some notes off the E. Tainted Love (Soft Cell) is a good song to get comfortable with.

B8 B8
E6 E6
A6 A6

and so on. Got me comfortable with the B

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I moved everything one string lower now, like this:

Tainted Love Where Did Our Love Go Soft Cell [EADG].pdf (96.3 KB)

EDIT So, I played it now like this and … yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
First I thought “What does @Wombat-metal want? It’s standard EADG tuning, so what??!”.

But bringing everything down one string lower is much easier to play, even for standard tuning … and sounds better, in my opinion!

It’s a great song anyway, so that’s very cool!


In fact this would be a great way to move away from the g string, right?
I’m not such a fan of the G-string. It sound flimsy on all my basses…

(picture shows not a G-string on my bass… and also not me, thank you very much ^^)

Now all you have to Denis learn this EHB anthem song.

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Hahaha! Never!

I’d rather play “love me fender” :slight_smile:

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:joy: can’t play like a girl?

I wish I could.

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I can’t do many things that girls can do, thank God!

We ought to change your tag to Magic_Chris

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Lol! I wish I had the body of the guy in that picture. More to love :slight_smile:

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My recent gas addition was the EHB1505ms. I am loving it. Been working on a song for a while, will be posting a cover using it Soon™. Probably not the best bass choice for the song, but I am able to get fairly close to the recording. You’ll understand when I post it. :wink:


I bet, there is some deep, growling B-string stuff on it. I’m still impressed by what it can do, even on short string/Bartolini.
It must be much more impressive on long string/Nordstrand !


I have an EHB1500 which is a 4 string, with Nordstrand Big Splits and it sounds really nice.

How do you like fanned frets?

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The fanned frets are no problem at all. I noticed that only when I didn’t notice it…

My findings until now:

  • When the Ibanez sounds good, it sounds absolutely great! I need to rethink gain though, as I have some issues with distortion, especially on the B string. But that’s a matter of fiddling with the knobs, I hope.
  • Ergonomics are the best ever, but at the same time - due to body size and shape - I tend to pluck near the neck pickup. I prefer to pluck exactly between bridge and neck, so I have to experiment with my playing position, which was previously “chill out at the sofa”…
  • String action height is all over the place. I have fretting rattle sounds, and at the same time string action is to high. Today I will try to find some time to do a proper setup.
  • The strings sound good but feel cheap.
  • The plactic knobs are not worthy of such a bass!

Your advise with “Tainted Love” is highly appreciated. One of the best take aways from bassBuzz up to now!
I am in the process of modifying my favourite EADG scores to BEADG, also avoiding the dreaded G-string.
This made me rediscover some songs - very cool!


That’s the one I’m thinking of but I really want to find one to try first. Especially as I’ll be going from 32" to 34".

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I have never yet managed to find a way to play bass comfortably sitting on a sofa. I have to be either on a stool, an armless office chair or standing. Lounging on a sofa just doesn’t work for me. Possibly because I play with the guitar on my left knee when sitting and that somehow doesn’t seem to work in a more laid back seat! Probably a good thing so I’m not going to fight it!


Check your interface or amp. It’s not the bass. I doubt it happens in passive mode.

Don’t go there. It fits the aesthetic and the knobs feel right. :joy:

I’d install the finger ramp. Sadly it’s flat and not radius but it will do. I used thin StewMac double sided tape i had to put a few layers of thick papers to make the right height but it feels pretty good.

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that low B could get low enough that the amp is struggling with it, it could get down to around 30 hz.

I picked up a 3d printed finger ramp from Etsy which fits exactly between the two pickups and secured it with some poster tape. Just installed it the other day and still getting used to it. Initial thoughts are that I like it and think it was a good upgrade. I really was not impressed the one they shipped with the bass. It seemed like a pretty cheap after-thought on Ibanez’s part, especially considering the price-point.

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Yeah, well …since I have a new sofa, all was really good for playing my tiny Blackstar. Also switched to the left knee with that bass to get a diagonal neck position.

With the Ibanez I have to assume the “German position” (back straight), while with the Blackstar I could assume the “dutch stoner position” (being part of the sofa).

I will find the way to be myself AND play the Ibanez…


The finger ramp makes me wanna tear out my eyes! How could they design everything so functional and then let an apprentice “design” the finger ramp???!

Anyway, currently I have an issue plucking in the middle position - exactly where the finger ramp would be.
I don’t know why, but I pluck just over the neck pickup or even between that pickup and the neck. Very strange!
I am trying different positions, but did not find a way to get the plucking right…