Fender 75th Anniversary Editions

What are peoples thoughts on the 75th Anniversary editions Fender has released. This Precision is giving me serious GAS


Looks good to me, @chris6 . . . :slight_smile: . . . :+1:

(but then again, I’m probably a bit biased . . . :wink: )



I think it looks great but isn’t it just more of the same thing they’ve been producing forever?


that’s what Fender always do, yeah. and if they try something else, people ask for their old stuff back. so, yeah, Fender is stuck with those few good’ol’ designs.


I was thinking the same thing, slap gold hardware on a nice ash body and charge an arm and a leg for the same bass you’ve been making for 70+ years. Someone just posted up about bassist being more forward thinking gear wise than guitarist and yet we are ready to pull out the credit card take out a second mortgage for a bass that could have rolled off the line in 1956.


Yeah, I wasn’t going to go there, but this looks like yet another Fender cash grab exploiting their own brand by producing a slightly glitzier retread of the same things they have been making for decades.

Then again I’m someone to whom “vintage” only means “old, will probably break” for most gear (with a few exceptions maybe), so I lack appreciation of this kind of thing anyway.

But then I went and looked.

If you skip the “commemorative” one, they aren’t that expensive.

And have matching headstocks.

So for those I approve :slight_smile:

$850. Color is so-so but looks sharper than the $2k “commemorative” one IMO.


I like it, but I’d still want the Steve Harris signature one over this.


Fender might have good sound, but they are ugly hunks of hardware (in my opinion of course). I do kinda want a P though.

Is that $850 American or Mexican made?

That Bourbon Burst P-bass is the only one I’m remotely interested in. It does have a nice classic look.

@BassFaceDisgrace the $850 ones are MiM

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Or, you could move out of the 50’s and get one of these…NEW FOR 2021: Sandberg California Supreme - YouTube

Just goes to show Russki, we’re all different. To me that bass looks horrible but each to his own :grinning: