Fender Aerodyne, Mustang or Player Jaguar? And what about

Awesome, well done! Super glad you were able to go and try them out to see what felt right.


If I had to rank the ones I played yesterday (I was there several hours)

  1. Ray34
  2. Warwick Corvette with double humbuckers
  3. Yamaha BB734
  4. Fender Meteora
  5. Ray14

I did play the American Ray back to back with the Ray34. At my level of play, I was only able to tell that the American Ray was a little better finished, a little lighter but they sounded about the same through the demo Rumble 40 I played through.


Sterling is good value for the money.


Sterling is a great value, for the money, or otherwise.


I put some D’addario Chrome Flats on it tonight. Intonation set. Plays great. Sounds awesome. Thuddy but not too much. The Chromes should break in nicely. I used the GT1-B to dial in a touch of drive, a smidgen of reverb, and the faintest of delay. It works very well and the Eden amp and Ashdown 4x10 sounds really good.

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