Fender Aerodyne, Mustang or Player Jaguar? And what about

Reverend? I watched a review of the Reverend Triad by LEL and he seemed to like it. Or something along the lines of the Schecter Model T? All money is about the same.


I love my mustang but it’s a 30” scale. Don’t get me wrong they are fun. Form what I gather you are looking for one bass to keep you stable for a while, something more full scale would be better. If you are not going to mod the American performer is just awesome. If you are thinking about modding then get the Squier and Nordstrand mustang pickup, so awesome.

Aerodyne is a great bass all around. Looks great and feels great if you get the color ones from Japan then even better, there’s a small catch with the Japanese models though, the bridge is recessed into the body making bridge swapped selections limited please ask @John_E as he’s our Aerodyne residence expert.

The offset Jaguar is another fun one. Again the Japanese ones with buttons and roller is cool but definitely not my cup of tea, but it’s cool.

I know nothing about Reverend it seems like people are talking about them quite a bit recently.

If you are exploring models I highly recommend the import version of the models you like. You were on the right track with the SB2. If that was me I’d get the tribute sb2 a Indo mustang and a Jaguar and go from there. All 3 would cost you less than a single Domestic model. Flip it when you are ready to move up.


I used a KTS Titanium bridge to replace one of the Aerodyne bridges that had weird alignment problems. But yes zero mod it must stay a traditional Fender bridge shape. Some folks do put a shim in the recess and put a high mass etc but this is going to give some string height issues without shimming the neck too, so I’d stick with the traditional shape.

The KTS is $$$ but really great.


I like the Charvel San Dimas myself, and I’ve owned a Jaguar and an Aerodyne. In the end I didn’t like the Aerodyne as it wasn’t comfortable to play, and as it does sound and look good just shows how much subjectivity there is in this.

There is also the Yamaha BB series. I saw the BB734 in stock at GC today, that’s a contender. These are all fine basses and each is a good choice.

One that I might try is an ESP LTD AP204 in purple metallic. ESP makes solid instruments, fast necks, great playability and sound.

I recently got a PJ set of Dimarzio 60s pickups, and when looking for a bass to put them in, bought a second San Dimas. The neck is absolutely sublime. Best neck I have played. Thin, rolled edges, slick, compound radius 12"-16".

A perfect bass to me would be a Stream body and a Charvel neck. Good luck.

The difference you will find is in the pickups, which will sound best to you.

Another bass I would consider is the Squire Classic Vibe Jaguar. It doesn’t have a tone control, instead each pickup has it’s own tone and volume control. I honestly don’t know why more setups like this aren’t done.

Charvel is a Fender brand btw.

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Is there a way for you to actually try out these basses, @EddieJones? You’re clearly looking at this as a “dream bass” kind of buy. I don’t see a way that will work out for you from ordering random untried things online, regardless of how much advice you get.

It has to click with you, and you won’t know that until it’s in your hands. Unless you are extraordinarily lucky, ordering sight unseen will just set you up for lots of returns (at best) or settling for something that may not feel the best to you (at worst).


@EddieJones You and I like the same look…. Aerodyne, Model T, and the Reverend has always caught my eye. I have a Mustang, which I love, but I wouldn’t put it and a Jag in the mix with those others ;))


I really like the Reverend designs , and the reviews seem to be good since the beginning of the brand. I think it compares in quality to the current Fender MIM range, which is good.


That’s my feeling as well. I bought and sold so many Jaguars including Troy Sanders, for some reasons it’s not for me.


Aerodyne, obviously :star_struck:


@EddieJones this is the one that we both like. I can confirm that your instinct was right. It arrived today and it’s very well made, lightweight and pack a lot of punch, not yo mention the Vol/vol is really funky and cool way to adjust the tone with bridge pickup.

The nickel-silver looks like stainless steel frets are very comfortable to play. Solid bridge and tuners. The tuning was spot on only the G string was off by a few cents right out of the case.

I’ll put together my favorite PJs over the spring break so you can do your own comparison.

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I went today and played an Aerodyne, Fender Meteora, a Yamaha BB734, G&L but was a Tribute series, a Ray 34 and a used SB14. I almost pulled the trigger on a Warwick but the Ray34 with the roasted neck kept calling my name. The neck is awesome, the sound is punchy and the 3band eq is very effective. I got some D’addario Chrome Flats and a stand. It came with a good gig bag. I pulled the trigger and will post pics of the Ray34 when I get home. For me, it just felt, played and sounded great. The Warwick was awesome too but the Ray had just a little more awesomeness in it. Shout-out to Bailey Brothers Music in Birmingham for helping me out. They priced the Ray online cheaper than most all the used ones I’ve checked into.


Right on! I had a feeling you would dig a Ray 34. It’s a killer bass.


The Warwick gave it an awesome run for the money. It had a great neck as well. But, damn that roasted neck on the Ray just won me over. Something to be said about how a bass looks.


It does look good, but a maple neck is roasted primarily to dry it out, to aid stability. In theory, roasting is intended to simulate the dryness that comes with decades of aging.


Good deal :+1:

Yeah, the used Sterling market is to me over priced, in that you can generally get new at the same or for less. Caveat Emptor

What finish did you get? I love the feel of roasted maple myself, based on the one bass I have that has one. But it’s the best neck I’ve got



Very dang nice! Congrats on the score!


Just played for the first time. Lessons six and seven. Sounds great, neck is awesome and for the moment, I have left the strings that are on it since it sounds so good with them. I think they are D’addario rounds. Anyway, this is my new favorite. I love the growl you can get with the pickup. But it does clean up well. Sounds like it can cover a lot of territory.

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If you bought it new it came with Ernie Ball Slinkys.

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Oh yeah. You’re right. Excuse my ignorance. I have a set of D’addario Chrome Flats slated to go on it but it really sounds good with the rounds.

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