Fender BassBreaker 15 or Peavey Delta Blues Tube (2 x 10)

Which one?
Fender BassBreaker 15
Peavey Delta Blues Tube (2 x 10)

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All I can suggest is try to find the best demos of them you can if you are unable to play one yourself. Or buy both from a place with a good return policy if possible and return what you don’t like.


These are both very groovy tube guitar amps, but I don’t know much about guitar amps?
There may be a few guitarists around that can help?
But you may be better off on a guitar forum for those.

If you’re looking for tube bass amps, they tend to be incredibly heavy!
There aren’t many in that same price range or nearly as light and portable.

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I really liked the Fender Bassbreaker. YouTube or a store is your best bet!

I honestly thought these were bass amps lol. I know the Bassman was popularly used as a guitar amp, it just didn’t cross my mind that Bassbreaker might be being used to market to this crowd :eyes:

That said I like my SRC6 through a Vox AC 30 (amp sim) :woman_shrugging:t2: but I digress…

The Fender I am not familiar with but the Peavey, good Lord that is a sweet amp. Peavey all the way, especially if it is close to new or in really good shape. Hopefully they kept it maintained really well.

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