Fender Blacktop range

Hey all,

I’m a huge fan of the Fender Blacktop range that ran from around 2011 to maybe 2015. I owned a few of the guitars from that line but only over the last year have I found out they had a few basses as well.

Precision Bass with two humbuckers & a Jazz Bass with two sets of P pick ups.

I’m wondering if anyone has ever tried either of these and what you thought of them?

Like I say, I’m a big fan of the Blacktop stuff and still own a Blacktop Stratocaster which I absolutely adore.

Thanks guys

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Wow, I’d never even heard of them. Sounds cool.

Pretty reasonable used, at least the MIM’s.


I had never heard of them. Interesting.

It does bring up a point that while we call a bass after the pickup configuration, a Jazz in our minds has two single coil pickups, Fender names a bass from the body style - a Precision bass has the precision body, and the pickups can be whatever.

The Blacktop Jazz looks alot like the Fujigen Mighty Power bass I have on my rack. I would have to put them side by side, but they look very close in design. Which makes sense, as FGN makes basses for Fender. My FGN is a wonderful bass


That looks awesome. I ended up snagging a Fender Blacktop P bass over the weekend. It’s pretty beastly.

Do FGN still make that particularly bass? I admit I know very little about FGN, so very interested since the Blacktop stuff was discontinued in 2015/16 I think.

Yes, FGN still makes this bass. Costs about the same as a Fender Player, mid 800s delivered depending on the yen exchange rate.

You have to order it from Japan, I used Ikebe, and you will choke on the shipping cost, but if you consider the overall cost it’s no more than a player.

…for a higher quality bass :slight_smile:

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These blacktops seem to be popping up on Reverb and Guitar Center a lot lately.

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