Fender Boxer Precision Bass

Has anyone got our played the Fender Boxer Precision Bass? Love the colour and overall look (at least on web pictures).

I currently have a Squire Jazz which I like but wondering if I’ll get more out of this bass.


It’s a fantastic made in Japan Fender bass. I like the fender logo knob. Sounds and play very similar to the aerodyne.

I don’t get the electronics though. The 3 knobs are volume/volume/tone, and the switch is middle/both/bridge. It’s redundant. Plus it’s a precision bass with Jazz bass neck, it’s great if you like the skinnier jazz neck, but if you want the wider p bass neck you won’t get it.

If I don’t already have a few aerodynes I’d probably get one but that spot is filled in my stable.


The Boxer has a unique tone circuit. From one to 5 it acts like a regular tone control, from 6-10 the TBX circuit (treble bass expander) engages and scoops out the mids.

The bass is also made in Japan.

So it is a different experience from the Squire or any other Fender bass


Besides having a unique tone circuit, the Boxer has unique volume circuits. Rolling the volume to 0 on either pickup cuts the signal from both pickups. So if you’re on stage and want to cut the volume, you just have to roll one of them down.
If you want to use just one of the pickups use the switch, otherwise both will be in use,

So it makes sense.


That’s cool to know. Gotta give it to the Japanese to come up sleuth something quirky.

I’m don’t know if I’m sold on the volume circuit features but now I’m have better understanding of why the need for the switch. It would have been awesome if they’d just do series/ parallel thing. Thanks for the info.


Yeah, I’m not sure it’s a great design, it’s unnecessary complexity and you know folks are going to dial back one pickup to check it out and lose the signal, then panic. A normal volume and three way switch would be useful.

But this comes from the boxer guitars, so I don’t know any of the history. Still it’s a quirky bass that looks nice. Pickups are unique to the model and are high output


Thanks, the Squire Jazz is my only bass and I do like the neck. I’m mainly learning guitar, but enjoy the bass as well.


I have no first hand experience with the Boxer, but I recently acquired a Fender Aerodyne Jazz bass (also made in Japan) and fit and finish are outstanding. Sounds great, too.

The Japanese Fenders seem to be carrying the Fender heritage, while at the same time being a little creative or even quirky.

I like mine a lot.


There are a lot to like about the aerodyne. Sleek body, binding, matching headstock, smoke chrome hardwares, stellar neck.

I own 4. Though I wish that we get the fun color like they offer in Japan. @John_E has my favorite color. A little extra room in the cavity wouldn’t hurt either.

That’s how they did it on the Duff McKagan PJ (volume + tbx + 3-way toggle)

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@John_E wants the flame red, flame natural and flame mahogany ones too, haha. In no particular order.

They really are great. I am very much leaning to MIJ Fenders for fit finish quality and uniqueness. So far they are my faves.

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Get a Boxer. Torino Red with a black headstock. Gorgeous